·         Willow Lakes & Fields cannot accept any responsibility for injury, damage or theft to persons, vehicles or equipment

·         The Management reserves the right to refuse admission

·         The Management reserves the right to amend the rules at any time

·         Abusive behavior and swearing will not be tolerated

·         Fishery feed pellets only to be used

·         All anglers must have their own suitable landing Net Poles

·         Barbless hooks only

·         Strictly no rods to be left unattended or in the care of another angler

·         Maximum of 2 rods per angler on Lakes

·         No bait boats, no cat/dog food or nuts to be used

·         All fish to be netted and returned using a net

·         No fixed rigs or elasticated method feeders to be used

·         Fishing only from designated Fishing Pegs

·         All fish to be returned to the swim where they were caught

·         Do not hold fish with a cloth or stand up and walk whilst holding fish

·         No fires, BBQ`s or hot objects to be lit or placed on grass

·         All litter to be taken with you when you leave

·         Each angler may bring 1 non-fishing guest

·         No use of luncheon meat/pepperoni or any other type of meat

·         Maximum of 2 kilos pellet/ground bait to be used

·         No lead core leaders to be used